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Christian Family Farms is available 24 hours a day through this website by submitting a contact form.  We can also be reached by phone.  You can also reach us by Social Media.  We strive to return all correspondence within 3 hours.

Quick Delivery

We ship next day in most cases to all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska.  We ensure your order arrives timely and fresh so you can get to preparing these great items.  We offer you tracking to check where your order is and what day it will arrive.

Always Fresh

Quality & Freshness is our top priority.  Christian Family Farms only sells the highest quality meats and seafood.  Our Beef is USDA certified for freshness and quality.  Our meat is vacuum sealed to preserve the quality and taste for your grilling needs.

30% OFF Religious Organization

Christian Family Farms offers a 30% discount off your order for all registered Religious and Church Organizations.  To receive this discount please contact us Now and then register at checkout with your information and enter the promo code we give you.

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Why Us?


Christian Family Farms has a guarantee to supply nationwide home delivery with only the freshest and highest quality Steak, Beef, Chicken, and Seafood.  All our USDA Steaks and Beef come from our Midwest USDA inspected plants with special devotion to producing the best tasting restaurant quality steaks for you.

All our Steaks, Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Seafood are Flash Frozen and Vacuum sealed individually to maintain the freshest taste and color.  Flash Frozen and ready to go straight to the grill.   

So what makes us different?  Our attention to you our customer.  Consistency and only the Best Professional Service is what you will get from Christian Family Farms.

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Great Customized Value

Recommended for large families

will take up at least 50% of storage freezers

Custom Cut To Your Specifications

Average Price for Half-Side of Beef is $1600

Can Feed Your Family For Over a Year 

Rib/sirloin steaks, tenderloin/filet steaks

Roasts-Top, Bottom, Chuck, Flank Steaks

beef shanks, short ribs, stew meat

grass fed ground beef


per pound

Whole Side Of Beef

Greatest Customized Value

Recommended for Large Families

Will Fill Up Upright and Chest Freeezers

Custom Cut To Your Specifications

Average Price for full-side of beef is $3200

Can Feed Your Family for well over a year

rib/sirloin steaks, tenderloin/filet steaks

Roasts-top, bottom, chuck, flank steaks

beef shanks, short ribs, stew meat

grass fed ground beef


per pound

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